Wednesday, April 29, 2009

there is no magic hand

While that seems mighty obvious to everyone that there is no magic hand that just sweeps in and makes all you dreams come true, it gets to easy believe/hope that one might exist. After you've done the hard work of writing the book, you assume that you can just sit back and relax and someone will just take it from there.

And when then wasn't the case, my initial reaction was to sob and assume that there was something with wrong with me and give up. Somebody rejected me for a reason, and that reason must be that I'm the worst writer ever. I should never be allowed near the written word.

Is this true? Doubtful.

It wasn't until I saw Mark Hoppus giving advice to Pete Wentz about what up and coming kids needed to do in order make bands happen that it finally hit me. He worked his ass off to get where he was at, and he is far more charming than I am. Maybe better looking too. So again, I thought that it was easier for him.

And you know what? Maybe it was. But chances are, I'll never have to travel all over the desert in a van with two other hot sweaty dudes so people will read my book. I'll never be booed offstage. So there. I have some things going for me.

He said there was no magic hand. Making good songs (or writing a good book) is only a small part of the battle. And in the end, it's not even the most essential part. (I'm sure you've read and heard terrible things. You know being good isn't a requirement to getting an agent.) But I have a good book. So I'm already ahead of the game.

So for the past six months, I have been working my ass. I have been doing ever concieveable thing that can do. Starting with writing an actual good book that has a definable market. I've learned a lot. The most important thing is that I can't take it personal, I have to work hard, and pissing and moaning has never helped anybody with anything.

I have definitely grown up in the past six months, and that reflects both in my book and my work ethic. This WILL happen. It's only a matter of time, and I've got time. So here we go. I am my own magic hand.

Monday, April 27, 2009

synth pop matters

I think the next novel I write will take place in the 80's. I am obsessed with that decade. I just think it would be so awesome to turn on the radio and here it. And make mix tapes. And see John Hughes in theaters. And watch Golden Girls. (RIP Bea Arthur :( )

Tonight I watched Family Guy and there was a reference to Silence of the Lambs and I almost wet myself with glee.

I finished re-editing my first book for the last time until someone professional does it. It's good as I can humanly make it on my own. And I've read it twenty times in three months, so I'm ready to take a break from reading it.

I need to go back to working on third book, but I haven't felt like it cause I've been working so heavy on the first one.

This is really hard. I've worked harder on this than I have on anything else in my entire life, but I'm going to continue working hard on it until I get what I want. If I never get what I want, then I guess I'll just work hard until I die.

But I'm toying around with the idea about a superhero book. Maybe I'll have that take place in the 80's. Or would that be too Watchmen-esque? I'd also like to write about a unicorn. But how the hell do you write about a unicorn? I don't really know.

Oh well. I'll figure it out before I write. But right now, I'm just working on this one. And hopefully, this will turn out well. Soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

gleaming the cube

I cut 3.5K words from my book and rearranged my chapters in hopes of making the book more fast paced and enticing. Did I succeed? Doubtful.

Why did I wrote this book, tho?
-I like writing
-I really really really wanna get published
-I like everything in the book

If this book were a song, it would be called "A Few of My Favorite Things." But it wouldn't be in The King and I.

Look, I've read a lot of vampire books and teen books, and I think they talk down to the audience. I wanted to write something that stayed true to the things they enjoyed (i.e. boys, money, sex) but that wasn't so stupid or contrived. I wanted something smart and funny, but still attract that same girl that's obsessing over Twilight and Gossip Girl.

But I also wanted to write something for people like me. People who really really enjoy Molly Ringwald, but really really enjoyed Not Another Teen Movie when they made of fun how tragically unique she was. You get what I'm saying?

I love Twilight, but it had some issues. I wanted to mock it and stay true to it. That's a very fine line to walk.

Did I do it? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

all systems are go... are you sure?

Trying to edit my book. Difficult. More difficult than I originally thought.

It would probably easier if I either A) had somebody to help and bounce ideas off, or B) just sat down and did instead of writing about how I should be writing.

What is that quote? Talking about music is like dancing about architecture? Writing about writing is like that too. Except not.

It's neat cause I got to create my own vampire mythos. And it's as follows:
-they can't drink animal blood (take that Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice - it's stupid!!!)
-they're tan (melanin is fancy)
-they have sharp incisors but not fangs exactly
-they're not cold, but they're not warm either
-they're superior in strength, mental abilities, speed, etc.
-they heal super quick
-they release sexy endorphins

I think that's it. I don't know. This is hard.

You know what? I'm just gonna do it. It's already eleven. I've killed an hour with nothing. I need to just do this. And I will. And you'll all like it.

hello new site

So this is my first unnecessary post on yet another unnecessary site that allows me to express my thoughts on things most people don't.

But really, I'm trying to create a high class site in hopes that it can generate excitement around my writing and my book, My Blood Approves.

I'm currently making some edits on. I've decided (along with my teacher Tricia Johnson) that it moves too slowly at the beginning. So I'm trying to speed it up, by making edits.

Eventually, once I make the changes I need to make, I'll post some links for it.

I don't really know what I should I say on a professional site for writing. Obviously, I should talk about my book. But what is there to say?

After recently watching the hit film Scream 2 (the best in the Scream franchise perhaps?), I was thinking about my book. I think what I was attempting to do with my book (not necessarily succeeded at) was what Kevin Williamson did with Scream in comparison with other slasher flicks. He made them smart, self-aware, witty, but they were respectful and abided by the rules of the predecessors. That's what I wanted to do with My Blood Approves in comparison with Twilight and all the other vampire romance cluttering the book shelves.

Was I successful? You tell me, folks that actually read my book. All three of you. Well... how many people have read my book now? Wow. Seven people. That's the most anyone has ever read anything I wrote ever. For true.

So that is exciting. And they all loved it. Supposedly.

At any rate, I think this concludes my first post.